XoroWMS is a cloud-based warehouse management system that provides comprehensive functionalities to help businesses streamline their inventory management and order fulfillment processes. It includes features such as inventory tracking, order management, and warehouse optimization tools to help businesses reduce costs, improve accuracy, and increase efficiency. XoroWMS also offers real-time reporting and analytics to give businesses greater visibility into their operations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
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XoroWMS Features

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

XoroWMS can track inventory in real-time, allowing for efficient management of stock levels and improved customer service.

Omni Channel Order Fulfillment

XoroWMS can provide order fulfillment across multiple channels, including online, phone, and in-store orders.

Purchasing and Receiving

XoroWMS can streamline the purchasing and receiving process, including tracking the status of orders, managing returns, and controlling inventory levels.

Warehouse Layout Optimization

XoroWMS can optimize the warehouse layout to reduce travel times and improve efficiency.

Put Away and Replenishment

XoroWMS can handle the put-away and replenishment of inventory, ensuring that stock is available when needed.

Warehouse Labor Tracking

XoroWMS can track the labor performance of the warehouse staff, providing detailed reports on labor costs and performance.

Inventory Visibility

XoroWMS can provide detailed visibility into inventory levels, allowing for better management of stock levels.

Detailed Reporting

XoroWMS can generate detailed reports on the performance of the warehouse, including labor costs, inventory levels, and customer satisfaction.

System Security

XoroWMS provides secure access to the warehouse and its data, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the system.

System Integration

XoroWMS can integrate with existing ERP and WMS systems, enabling seamless data exchange between systems.

Automated Barcode Scanning

XoroWMS can automate the barcode scanning process, reducing the amount of time needed for scanning and increasing accuracy.

Error Checking

XoroWMS can detect and correct errors during the picking, packing, and shipping processes, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of returns.

Multi-Warehouse Management

XoroWMS can manage multiple warehouses from a single system, allowing for improved visibility and control over inventory across multiple locations.

Cycle Counting

XoroWMS can automate the cycle counting process, ensuring accuracy and reducing the time needed for inventory audits.

Real-Time Alerts

XoroWMS can provide real-time alerts when stock levels drop below a certain point, allowing for timely replenishment.


XoroWMS can assemble multiple items into a “kit” to reduce the number of items that need to be picked and shipped.

Automated Picking

XoroWMS can automate the picking process, including the use of robots and automated conveyors.

RFID Tracking

XoroWMS can use RFID technology to track items throughout the warehouse for improved accuracy.


XoroWMS can use the warehouse as a distribution hub for incoming and outgoing shipments.

Slotting Optimization

XoroWMS can optimize the warehouse layout for higher efficiency and accuracy.

Demand Forecasting

XoroWMS can forecast future demand for better inventory management.

Labor Optimization

XoroWMS can use data to optimize labor utilization and reduce costs.

Yard Management

XoroWMS can manage the yard with accurate tracking of inbound and outbound trailers.

Shipping Optimization

XoroWMS can automate the shipping process, including route optimization and carrier selection.

Warehouse Analytics

XoroWMS can generate analytics on warehouse performance and trends.

Quality Assurance

XoroWMS can ensure the quality of incoming and outgoing inventory items.

Return Management

XoroWMS can manage returns and ensure accurate tracking of returns.

Warehouse Optimization

XoroWMS can optimize the warehouse layout for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Automated Load Building

XoroWMS can use automation to build loads and optimize the packing process.

Warehouse Automation

XoroWMS can use automation to streamline warehouse operations.

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Jeff Corbett.

Vice President of Operations

Excellent team!!!

``Excellent analytics, great support``
Dean Svenson

Director of Operations

Seamless Shopify Integration!

The ability to integrate with Shopify, Stripe, Ship station and many others almost makes it like a limitless ERP to connect to other applications.
Ty Hartwig

Operations Director

Great $$ value

I've used Quickbooks, Sage, & SAP, demo'ed NetSuite - Xoro makes them feel like Windows 98.
Sukh B.

Distribution Center Manager

Best WMS in the Market!!

They have the most advanced WMS (RF Scanning) that I have ever seen. Great work, Xoro team!!
Brandon S.

CEO at HBJR Holdings Ltd.

Really Great experience!

The team at XoroERP really thinks about how they build their products. They listen and react to the needs of the customer!
Lance Edwards

CEO at Elevation

Best ERP Software!!

We used Xoro to connect to our 3PL provider, multiple eCom Shopify connected stores, B2B, invoice payment processing, and full accounting including an amazing Rep commission module.
Reuben D.

Regional Operations Manager

Reliable and Affordable!

Best LMS system on the market. Very user friendly.
Jeffrey B.

VP-Finance Crown Technology, Inc.

Best ERP Selection we could have made...

We are of the opinion that we have made a selection that will always work for us moving forward. We are moving two more of our companies to Xorosoft in 2022.

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