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Partnering with Xorosoft means entering a mutually beneficial agreement to actively cultivate the market for Xorosoft solutions and work to implement those solutions quickly, and cost effectively
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A Xorosoft Reseller Partner offers full sales and service capabilities and assumes primary customer responsibility. Partners provide marketing, lead generation, sales, implementation, customization, support and training to prospects and customers. Reseller Partners are expected to be self-sufficient but can leverage Xorosoft for direct resources during the sales process when required. They are categorized into Silver, Gold, and Platinum Tiers and receive the benefits mentioned below.

How do we help our Partners?

Streamlining different processes and workflows by using user access control Onebook prompts efficiency
and productivity levels of an organization, and reduces operating costs.

High Margins

We want this venture to be profitable for you. So, right off the bat we offer high margins that will make you huge profits

XoroPartner Portal

XoroPartner Portal offers partner training, marketing resources, customer information, lead reporting, and forums

Demo Solutions for Resellers

We will provide you with all the necessary tools required to conduct demos and presentations with your future clients

Free Technical Support

Xorosoft is equipped with best in class support infrastructure to handle issues quickly and efficiently


As part of your preparation, we provide you with a complete set of training documentation that we use with our customers

Dedicated Advisor

We offer a true relationship (not a call center) and we’re invested in our mutual success

Implementation Assistance

To get you up to the speed, our team will offer assistance during your first few implementations if required

Use of Logo

Xorosoft certified partner logo for marketing purposes

Your First Deal!

We will support you with free pre-sales resources to help you get your first deal. Let us help you qualify and demonstrate Xorosoft solutions


Become a Partner!