XoroONE’s sales module enables you to create estimates, sales orders, track incoming orders from various sales channels, handle advance payments, payout commissions and manage returns. Keep an eye on your open invoices, customer balances, and past due amounts. Smoothly run built-in sales reports like the Customer Balance Summary to see each customer’s total open balances, or an A/R Aging Summary to see unpaid invoices.

Create Estimates

Build a quote in seconds and email it to your customers for approval. Enjoy all the advanced features of built-in CRM, advanced pricing rules, prepaid deposits, tagging, notes, converting to sales orders, and multiple custom templates.

Create Sales Order

Prepare your sales orders for fulfillment and shipment in multiple currencies using preset payment terms, assigned sales reps, custom pricing rules, automatic discounts or price breaks, and even email your customers for integrated online payments.

Order Management

Manage your B2B, Wholesale, Retail and E-commerce orders all from one place. Integrate and track orders as well as their workflows with separate statuses, create partial shipments with multiple fulfillment options, and keep your inventory synchronized automatically with all sales channels. Enjoy the ability to create orders on the go at trade shows and meetings using any device.

Advance Payments (Deposits)

Accept payments from your customers directly into your bank account from anywhere, anytime – let your customers take action at their convenience. Use the deposit module to record advance payments on orders and get real-time alerts when payments come in.


Automatically generate and email invoices upon marking orders as shipped and take advantage of receiving credit card payments from your customers. Create recurring invoices with smart scheduling technology and keep a track of partial/complete shipments with automatically generated packing slips. inbuilt accounting lets you generate customer statements and view A/R balances all within a few clicks.

Online Payments

Use your preferred payment gateway (Stripe, PayPal or Moneris) to receive online payments from your customers. No more keeping track of credit card numbers on paper. Instead, store them safely and securely with PCI-compliance. You can send your customers payment links or charge their stored cards onto invoices – and receive notifications upon payment or automatically send email receipts.

Price Lists

Define pricing tiers by Brand, SKUs, Customers, Sales channels, Currency and Region. Setup specific pricing lists and price breaks for individual customers or customer groups. Xoro lets you control prices for your wholesale and B2B customers while having a separate price for your retail and eCommerce. Also, upload the updated price lists from any of your brands within seconds using the Xoro import utility tool and avoid redundant manual work.

Customer Management

Control your entire customer list in a master database. Xoro records each customer’s order history, balance, multiple billing and shipping addresses, and customized notes for your fellow team members. View detailed correspondence using the built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Plus, send invoices and statements to hundreds of your customers in seconds.

Back Orders

Partially fulfill and create multiple shipments easily – doing so will mark sales orders as partially shipped. Get notified immediately when back-ordered items are received into the system and process all your back-orders effectively. Minimize wait times for your customers and never lose track of incomplete orders again.

Credit Memos

Handling returns has never been easier with Xoro’s automated RMA process. Sync your eCommerce returns and refunds instantly and create your wholesale returns directly on the invoice. Credits get included in the customer balance, so you know exactly where they stand.


Calculate your sales commissions in minutes using Xoro’s Commission Module. Create highly customizable commission rules that will let you pay out commissions to your reps based on all sorts of criteria such as item discounts, brands, customer groups, and many more. Set your rules once and simply run your reports – you’ll never have to crunch commission percentages again.


Go Global with Xoro. Xorosoft supports multiple currencies for pricing and transactions. The latest exchange rates are automatically fetched daily so that any foreign exchange gain or loss is captured and any foreign amount is automatically converted into its home amount.

Customer Portal

Let your customers log in to their simplified view of Xoro where they can see their individual balance, invoices, due dates, payments, orders and much more whenever they want. Here they can approve estimates, share documents, make payments, and even create their orders all at their convenience – giving your team the freedom to focus on other tasks.

Notifications and Alerts

Never use an email again for inter-departmental communication. Receive instant alerts within the app on the most crucial events such as customer payments and received back ordered units. Users can subscribe to email notifications as well. Tag your colleagues, so they get alerted and make tasks actionable with in-app communications.