XoroONE’s purchase module enables you to create purchase orders, track incoming ASN’s, handle prepayments, and manage vendor credits. Keep an eye on your open bills, vendor balances, and past due amounts. Smoothly run built-in Purchasing reports like the Vendor Balance Summary to see each vendor’s total open balances, or an A/P Aging Summary to see unpaid bills.

Create Purchase Orders

Cut supplier purchase orders directly from your short inventory planner by seeing exactly what you need to order and how much of it. The purchasing module automatically stores all your vendor information, so you don’t have to manually input it – no need to fuss with outdated spreadsheets. Email orders to your suppliers, receive them in and view short-shipped items in just one click.

Calculate Landed Costs

Calculate landed costs for measuring true profitability and COGS.
Dissolve freight, duty, customs, tariffs, and taxes directly into the cost of your goods using the Xoro reconciliation wizard. Let your reporting reflect your right margins and never worry about inaccurate costing again.

Vendor Management

Simply record and update all your vendor, supplier, or manufacturer information in one suitable place. Track your vendor’s balance, transaction history, and sort through any communication details. Rate your suppliers based upon their performance and never miss a shipment again.

Lead Time and Reorder Points

Enter reorder points, reorder quantities, and lead times for all your items and Xoro can use business intelligence AI to recommend replenishment and purchasing decisions for you.

Item Receipts

Link your warehousing and accounting departments by automatically creating goods/item receipts when purchase orders are received. Handle multiple shipments by merging your products/items receipts into bills and track all your received inventory with ease.

Manage Billing

Generate bills from your item receipts and record expenses to your accounts payable. With Xoro’s accounting backbone, purchasing and billing are seamlessly integrated. Record payments, cut a cheque, apply discounts, and automatically see due dates based on payment terms.

Vendor Credits and Rebates

Create vendor credits for all damaged or incomplete items from your manufacturer. Use this credit on future bills or create purchasing refunds. All purchasing transactions are a part of the vendor balance, giving you complete visibility into purchasing history.