Inventory Management

XoroONE makes it easy to handle your inventory and will turn you into an ERP pro in no time. View your quantities on hand, get real-time inventory valuation, stay on top of purchase orders and run reports of best-selling items, total sales, and total taxes.

Inventory Planning

XoroONE facilitates the process of predicting and estimating future business needs over a set period. Accurate inventory forecasting helps business streamline activities and ultimately grow by increasing turnover rates and reducing product holding costs significantly. It allows you to keep track & sync orders across multiple channels for increased productivity.

ATS Reports

ATS Reports within Xoro provide you with quick insights on available products that help businesses to plan inventory based on what’s on sales orders, what’s available and what is on a PO. Multiple ATS, on hand statuses, can be synced with your online, wholesale and retail sales channels so you would not face the problem of overselling and not shipping again.

Batch and Expiry Tracking

The batch and expiry tracking feature within Xoro allows you to facilitate batch, lot and serial number tracking in the receiving, picking and manufacturing process. Every product can be assigned to a batch/lot number through which time-sensitive products, recalls, etc. can be easily handled using FIFO (First in first out) and LIFO (Last in First Out) methods.

Manage Inventory by Store

XoroONE’s multi-store inventory management gives you direct access and real-time visibility into inventory levels at any store and at any time. Individual stores or locations can be linked with sales channels to manage and track wholesale, e-commerce, retail and dropship separately.

Manage Inventory by Location

XoroONE’s multi-location inventory management with the WMS module helps you track your SKU’s across different bin locations within the same store or warehouse in real-time. On hand per location is automatically updated based upon sales, returns, restocking activities, etc.

Inter-store Transfers

Inter-store transfers are used to ship items from one store to another. XoroOne enables businesses to send and receive items across various multiple locations and channels, thus improving business effectiveness and efficiency.