Benefits of integrating a powerful ERP with E-commerce store front

Majority of the business enterprises these days are opting for E-commerce to sell their products on a global platform and reach out to their targeted marketplace. It has revolutionized the way companies can market their products/services to their customers. For retailers, establishing an online store has become an integral part of their business plan. However, maintaining an online storefront can become a tedious and stressful task for the retailers. Integration of the E-commerce storefront with a cloud ERP software can simplify all the critical operations.

Common problems faced by E-commerce business owners

Here are some of the issues that online business owners can encounter on a daily basis:

Manual data entry

Entering the data manually can increase the risk of errors, and the entire process is time-consuming and hectic. It involves a lot of hassles, like updating the product data into an Excel file, then uploading it to the web store. If you wish to overcome the stress of manual data entry and data discrepancy, ERP integration is one of the best solutions. It not only automates all the manual process but also helps E-commerce business to avoid mistakes of wrong shipping address, incorrect customer information, and incomplete or erroneous product information.

Inaccurate stock levels

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to manually update the inventory levels in an E-commerce business. As they have inaccurate information of the inventory, it also leads to unavailability of specific products with no real-time updates.

High costs

Without an ERP integration, it becomes hard for the customers to keep track of their latest order status and their shipments. It further leads to several re-works and order backfires, and all these can increase business’s operational costs.

Solutions offered with ERP Integration

An ERP solution defines the components, values and road map which, will govern its usage and deployment. Choosing and implementing a pre-packaged solution will help the E-commerce business to set a well-integrated development and execution process. Thus, it has become vital for you to select a solution that will support your business flow and cope with the emerging technologies.Here are some of the best reasons for E-commerce businesses to opt for ERP integration:

Increased internal productivity

The integrated platform can streamline all the vital business operations and reduces human resource involvement. As a result, all the web sales orders are integrated to the ERP and users can track their orders instantly. It improves the pace of internal productivity and order fulfillment cycle is managed efficiently.

Trust Building of Customers

Staying transparent in front of the customers by providing an overview of the fulfillment cycle will help businesses to gain their trust and maintain a trusted relationship with them.

Eliminates the risk of data redundancy and human errors

With the integration of E-commerce storefront, all the crucial business data like product information, web orders, shipping information and customer details are integrated into ERP system. It helps to eliminate the risk of data redundancy and human errors.

Thorough control over business processes

Without proper E-commerce and ERP integration, business owners cannot get full-fledged control over the vital operations. It helps in automating the tasks that can become too tedious, risky and redundant for the employees.

Predominantly, ERP and E-commerce integration is already a proven winner on many stages. Several E-commerce companies have started to adopt an ERP and they’re trying to tying it together to see the fantastic results from the same. If you’re an E-commerce business owner, you should definitely try out an ERP integration with your business. We have come up with a handy ebook of 101 benefits of integrating ERP & Ecommerce integration, you can check out the eBook here.

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