XoroONE comes with a built-in B2B e-commerce platform, making sales easier and faster for the wholesale vertical. Our unique technology allows users to create showrooms quickly, share product presentations— with a seamless experience from desktop to iPad. Taking orders from your wholesale customers has never been that easy!

Create Showrooms

Within XoroB2B, the first step is to define a showroom or multiple showrooms for your company. Within each showroom, you can define brands, products, users and other administrative settings. All of your presentations live in a showroom.

Create a Presentation

The presentation module within XoroB2B allows you to add and customize brands, products, order attributes, and your unique branding. A presentation can be shared with a retailer, customer or customer group for a specific period via campaign manager. In-built analytics allow you to track the performance of each campaign.

xorosoft erp system customer portal module

Customer Portal

Let your customers shop online, see their transaction history and make payments through their personal portal, giving them the ability to create orders through the B2B module that are automatically dropped into the system.

Take Payments Online

Define order minimums and take advanced payments from your retailers using integrated secured payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal and Moneris.

Seamless Buying experience

XoroB2B’s rich and advanced user-friendly interface provides your customers with a quick and effortless buying experience, making it easier for them to navigate, choose and ship products at their disposal from anywhere at any time.

Manage Cart

XoroB2B’s cart management allows the user to save items to their cart and circle back to them whenever they feel like.

Link Tracking

Link tracking per presentation enables you to capture various marketing KPI’s like open rates, number of opens, etc. related to a customer’s activity, so you can consistently optimize your brand reach out.