Reporting & Analytics

Understand how your business is doing through business intelligence dashboards by the department, run Profit and Loss reports, review your Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statement. With over 50+ built-in accounting and business reports, XoroONE makes it easy to know where your business stands.

xorosoft erp system reporting and analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve and make informed business decisions with our powerful analytics and intelligence reporting. Build customized reports on the fly and see exactly what is driving your productivity. All the data is easily exportable in Excel.

Dashboards and Workspaces

XoroONE’s customized dashboards are powered by an interactive data visualization tool that presents meaningful business metrics, key performance indicators and other critical data points of each department such as sales, purchases, wholesale and manufacturing. Use the workspace module to create your dashboards.

xorosoft erp system dashboards and workplaces
xorosoft erp system report library

Reporting Library

XoroONE’s reporting library is the collection of various types of business reports that help our customers to forecast and measure actual business progress. Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Profit & Loss, Product, Operation and Collection are the key reporting components that help businesses plan for a sustainable tomorrow.

User Activity Reports

XoroONE’s advanced AI generates tailored reports based upon recorded user activity which indicates a holistic view of individual performances and provides your employees with that extra push that they are always looking for.

xorosoft erp system user activity reports
xorosoft erp system sales report

Sales Report

The sales report provides an accurate picture of the current market situation. It not only records the total number of sales made by region, period or brand but also gives our customers valuable opinion regarding the best and worst-performing products. This report allows you to categorize and yield information about any customer, channel, brand and product type for accurate analysis.

Inventory Report

The inventory report is a consolidated document that contains information regarding the total inventory valuation and a broad overview of a product’s performance across all your warehouses. Use filters to view stock by category, brand, product type, and warehouse.

xorosoft erp system inventory reports
xorosoft erp system accounting report

Accounting Reports

XoroONE’s built-in accounting module gives you real-time access to your company’s financial statements like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements.

A/P Reporting

Accounts payable reports make it easier for you to track who you owe and pay your vendors and suppliers on time to avoid any penalties and take advantage of any payment term discounts.

xorosoft erp system AP reporting
xorosoft erp system AR reports

A/R Reporting

Accounts receivable reports determine the money that is owed to the company by other individuals or corporations. It is considered to be an essential factor in the working capital, and thus the reports help the business to forecast cash flow requirements.

Purchasing Report

A purchasing report consists of all the purchases the company has made over a specific period. It can provide you with insights related to vendor prepayments, a summary of vendor balance, purchase orders by date, SKU’s detail and much more.

xorosoft erp system purchasing report
xorosoft erp system manufacturing reports

Manufacturing Reports

Manufacturing reports give you an accurately detailed breakdown of the total cost incurred by the company to produce a specific good. It offers our clients an exact approximate of the product as it was purchased, used in the manufacturing process and the total amount of waste for each product.

Business Intelligence

The XoroONE BI engine analyzes the data produced by our client’s business activities. BI powered by XoroONE helps you find growth opportunities by the department, analyzing multiple sales channels and forecast demand for your business. Also, XoroONE data can be integrated into any external BI tool like Power BI, Tableau and even Microsoft Excel to refresh pivot tables automatically.

xorosoft erp system business intelligence
xorosoft erp system custom reports

Custom Report

XoroONE’s smart report generator helps you build and customize a report from scratch. You can pick dimensions and metrics on your own and decide how they should be displayed. It’s easy & quick.