Xorosoft ERP System For Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

Manage your small, medium, or large-scale warehousing operations with our in-built Warehouse Management System (WMS) equipped with RF information capture and a fully integrated financial component which frees you from the hassle of using and maintaining multiple applications.

Order Fulfillment

Get omnichannel order fulfillment and track your inventory real-time through integration with multiple platforms.

Inbound Processing

Improve your receiving and put-away operation and handle RMAs with ASN management and automated receipts generation.

Outbound Processing

Improve your pick, pack and ship operations with advanced logic for wave management, multi-zone picking, constraint-based selection, real-time replenishment, order cartonization, and automated invoice generation.

Stock Replenishment

Replenish your different store locations proactively based upon demand with our replenishment module.

RF Information Capture

Use XoroERP’s wireless receiving, picking, and cycle counting capabilities to accelerate your business operations.

Cycle Counts and Physical Inventory

Utilize XoroERP’s advanced cycle counting and physical inventory modules to improve your inventory accuracy and meet customer demands.

Business Intelligence

No need to use any third party software as XoroERP comes with built-in customized dashboards, querying, and reporting capabilities to make better business decisions


Integration with all Carriers with Rate Shopping functionality and a robust customer e-commerce setup gives you everything on one platform. In addition, accommodate omni-channel and/or multi-tenant fulfillment

Internal Transfers

Move your inventory between store locations quickly and easily using automated Transfer Orders
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