For businesses that have outgrown their accounting applications and are looking to improve their processes, Xorosoft provides an ERP solution specializing in integrating multiple operations into one single platform.

How does it work?

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XoroERP Features

Features That Will Simplify Your Business
Efficiently manage all your company’s customers with just a few clicks – it’s never been easier
XoroERP has a built in fully featured accounting module that handles all your company’s finances
View advanced metrics through XoroERP’s integrated dashboards and customizable reporting modules
Track your vendors quickly and make informed purchase decisions with our forecasting tools
Shipping Fulfillment
Control all warehousing operations intuitively such as waving, picking, receiving, invoicing, and billing
Enjoy XoroERP’s many integrated systems such as payment gateways and bank connectivity
XoroERP supports multiple currencies, automatically updates exchange rates, and handles gain/loss transactions
Oversee the entire manufacturing process – integrated with inventory and accounting
XoroERP is an all-in-one solution that also features email integration, notifications, an access manager, and a cloud platform for easy access to data

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