Shipping & Fulfillment

Manage your order fulfillment, warehousing operation and communicate with a 3PL provider using our built-in Warehouse Management System (WMS) equipped with RF information capture and a fully integrated financial component which frees you from the hassle of using and maintaining multiple applications.

Ship from your own Warehouse

XoroONE comes with a built-in WMS (Warehouse management system) which allows you to track inventory at the bin location level and enable you to receive, pick, pack and ship stock from your warehouse with ease. Use barcode scanning to automate manual data entry.

Connect with any 3PL

High-performance integrations to other applications are vital to any software in this world of endless collaboration. XoroONE can be fully integrated with a third-party logistics (3PL) software without any hassles to support your business as it grows. Orders can be transmitted in real time to your 3PL using API/FTP integration, and confirmations can be processed within seconds to generate receipts and invoices within Xoro.

Rate Shopping

The rate shopping module helps businesses to deliver their products to customers at the lowest freight rate possible, resulting in reduced costs for higher business efficiency. Xorosoft’s integration with ShipStation allows users to rate shop within the Xoro app, negotiate and choose the shipping plan that delights their customers.

Integrated Shipping

Integrated shipping module enables third-party software to merge with XoroONE and perform business activities with higher efficiency and effectiveness. XoroONE can connect and collaborate with industry-leading shipping portals like ShipStation, Shipwise. FedEx, Worldship and many more.