Xorosoft ERP System For Manufacturing

With XoroERP’s manufacturing module you can track, measure, and monitor your inventory from raw materials to the final product, all while seamlessly integrated with warehousing, supply chain, and financial systems.

Bill of Materials (BoM)

XoroERP introduces multi-level BOM management that incorporates not only single-level components and material requirements, but also internal and external routing steps for complete end assembly visibility, planning, scheduling, and costing.

Work Order Processing

Work orders and sub-assemblies can be triggered automatically through sales and replenishment modules to meet customer demands.

Business Intelligence

No need to use any third-party software as XoroERP comes with built-in customized dashboards, querying, and reporting capabilities to make better business decisions.

Re-order Level

XoroERP’s reorder level feature helps the production team get an alert when a particular product is approaching lower than the minimum order level.

xorosoft erp system lead time and reorder points

Product and Job Costing

Product costing information is very vital for any manufacturing company. With XoroERP you will know the exact cost involved in producing a good.

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