Xorosoft ERP System For Reporting & Dashboards

View advanced statistics for your entire operations through our interactive dashboards. Drill-down and see exactly when, where, and to whom an item has been shipped, pay invoices, or view balances to your most crucial accounts.

Real Time Data

View real-time data on the dashboards and see exactly what is happening in any department of your organization.

Role Specific Dashboard

Customizable dashboards that show all your relevant metrics, giving you the ability to view any departmental statistic at your fingertips.

Customize Queries

XoroERP gives you the flexibility to save your own queries, letting you view and manage user specific reports on the fly.

Reporting with Drill-downable Figures

Drill-down to see what is driving each department’s performance and identify your needs, all within a few clicks.

Exporting Reports to Excel

Use your saved queries and module centres to export your data into spreadsheets, all within a few clicks. Let XoroERP handle the heavy lifting in your day-to-day activities.

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