WMS/Warehouse Management

Manage your warehouse using XoroONE’s built-in WMS module to receive, pick, pack, and ship orders.

xorosoft erp system pack and ship module

Multi-Warehouse Support

XoroOne provides businesses with an integrated warehouse management system that allows you to keep track of your products across multiple stores or warehouses, whether it is your store or you are using a 3PL for fulfillment.

WMS Module

Xorosoft’s built-in warehouse management system allows businesses to keep track of products through barcode scanning, regular inventory counts and reviews, inventory management, workflow automation, and flexible fulfillment options for all types of companies that ultimately results in higher productivity and helps facilitate excellent customer service.

Barcode Scanning

The barcode scanning feature within WMS helps eliminate human errors as barcodes/UPC’s can be applied onto products, locations, and shipments for tracking purposes. Barcodes help in submitting and retrieving quick information. Reduce manual data entry and paper while performing regular inventory checks, processing returns and also during the order shipment process.


Receive single or batch shipments at your warehouse or 3PL with ease using the Receiving module within the WMS. Improve your receiving and put-away operation and handle RMAs with ASN management and automated receipts generation.


Allocate or reserve inventory within your warehouse or send pick requests to your 3PL with one click using XoroONE’s waving module within the WMS. Waving facilitates batch picking, allocation of stock or inventory to a specific order and reflects accurate inventory levels within the warehouse.


Picking is the process of retrieving items from the warehouse and preparing them for shipping. XoroONE enables you to generate a manual pick ticket or use barcode scanning to pick single or multiple orders with the same wave.

Pack and Ship

Use XoroONE’s pack and ship module to assign cartons or boxes to picked items, assign shipping rates/carriers and automatically generate packing slips and invoices after shipping the goods from your warehouse.

Packing Slips

Once goods are processed within pack and ship module in Xoro, packing slips are automatically generated and transmitted to the customer.
xorosoft erp system packing slip

Commercial Invoices

Simply generate commercial invoices for one or multiple shipments within Xoro for your international orders. Incorporate item attributes like HS Code, Material, COO, etc. into the item master and eliminate manual data entry.


XoroOne generates a bill of lading that can also be used as a shipment receipt which carries all vital information relating to type, quantity, and destination that are crucial for the carrier and the shipper to process the transaction.