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Xorosoft provides a cloud-based all in one ERP system to help retailers,
wholesalers, manufacturers and high growth brands run efficiently.

ERP system Designed for High Growth Brands Wholesalers Distributors Retailers Manufacturers High Growth Brands Wholesalers Distributors Retailers Manufacturers High Growth Brands Wholesalers Distributors Retailers Manufacturers High Growth Brands Wholesalers Distributors Retailers Manufacturers High Growth Brands Wholesalers Distributors Retailers Manufacturers

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Xorosoft Products Overview

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For medium to large businesses who are looking to reduce costs and improve the productivity of their labor intensive warehousing operation, Xorosoft provides a cloud based labor management solution which integrates with existing WMS, ERP, and Payroll systems


For Businesses which have outgrown their accounting applications and are looking to improve their processes, Xorosoft provides an ERP solution specializing in integrating multiple operations into one single platform


XoroONE is a cloud based ERP system for small and medium sized businesses in the apparel and consumer products industries. Enjoy features such as omni-channel connectivity, sophisticated inventory controls, full accounting suite, warehouse management, production & manufacturing modules, business reporting and more

Integrate With Xorosoft's ERP System For Apparel

ERP systems for the apparel industry can help streamline the entire order-to-cash process by integrating inventory and finance. They can reduce operational costs and human error and improve accuracy. Integrated cloud-based solutions are available to support SMB workflows, and can help identify popular styles, colors, suppliers, and picking-and-packing operations. ERP software for the apparel industry is highly customizable and can help apparel companies manage orders and production in real-time.


A good ERP solution for apparel companies will include a Product Load module that allows users to easily load styles into the software. This eliminates manual data entry and delays. An apparel company cannot survive without customers, so it must satisfy them. ERP solutions for apparel companies can streamline the entire process and eliminate the need for multiple software systems. Streamlining the order-to-cash process will allow a company to grow without incurring high operational costs.

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Improve Your Apparel Business's Efficiency With An ERP System

Investing in an ERP system for apparel can improve your business’s efficiency. Integrated systems can eliminate manual data entry, edit, and transfer processes. ERP applications also promote better communication between employees and departments, ensuring that all departments can provide timely, accurate service. And with an ERP system for apparel, you can get everything you need from one source, whether it is in-house or outsourced. And because these systems can integrate with other applications, you can even automate processes like invoice generation.


The implementation of an ERP system for apparel can minimize manual data entry, improve the efficiency of shipping and reduce human error. An ERP system for apparel is an integral part of the supply chain management process. Automated invoice generation, automated invoice delivery, and flexible payment options can improve your business’ efficiency. These are just a few of the many benefits of ERP systems for apparel. If you’re thinking about implementing an ERP system for apparel, don’t delay! Get started today.

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